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(U.S. Patent Number 5,343,957)
The Most Versatile Street Shoe Ever Made!

The street shoe you and your farrier have been asking for. Features a steel shoe you shape and nail on the horse. Draw side clips, turn heels, add a heart bar, etc.; do whatever the horse needs. Then bolt on our shock absorbing, molded polyurethane tires. Change or rotate when needed and reshoe the horse with the original steel only when he's due. Every commercial operator using draft horses says Remuda Tires outlast any other polyurethane tire they have tried. As a result they indicate significant savings and their farriers report greatly improved hoof conditions. Available in sizes 0 through 7. 

This is not a complex shoe to use.
It involves a normal shoeing job plus three steps.
The total shoeing sequence is:  

1. Trim the hoof
2. Shape the steel shoe to the hoof
3. Drill bolt holes
4. Tap bolt holes
5. Nail shoe to hoof
6. Finish clinches and hoof as usual
7. Bolt on Remuda Tire

Steel is reset on average of 4 to 6 times. Drilling and tapping is only needed when new steel is introduced

Three Hole versus Four Hole Tire
Both styles are versatile, dependable and flexible.

Remuda 4 Bolt Steel and Tire Remuda 3 Bolt Steel and Tire 

* Horses that wear down shoes hard to
outside and need to rotate tires side
to side between trim appointments.
* Horses with hard to fit hooves.* Horses that wear out shoes in toe area.
More material is added there.
* Less drilling and tapping.
* Faster tire rotating and changing.

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